Internet Services for the Clueful
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Telehouse West is now live for waves and ethernet circuits

Our Docklands and London City fibre ring DWDM upgrade is now complete offering lower price waves and ethernet circuits

Bogons Bunker Bogons have purchased a 25000+sqft northern building to be our first datacentre and media archive site. Follow our tweets @BogonsNet for more news as we work on conversion

EoFTTC now available. FTTC speed, ethernet convenience, true all you can eat business internet.

Check your line now...

Are you fed up with your ISP treating you like a newbie?
Do you sometimes feel like you know more than your ISP?
Feel constrained by your ISP because they're aimed at newbies?

Yes? Then Bogons may be for you.

Bogons ltd has been formed to provide Internet Services to people with clue, primarily to people we know or they know, but we'd be happy to meet others like minded. We aim to provide competitively priced solutions, based around the lack of requirement to provide end-user technical support to people who are new to the Internet (although we can offer you a competitively priced consultancy service if that is what you are looking for!).

Services we offer include:

up to 20Mbps
Static IP (if req.)
No download limits on higher services
From £23.00 per month
We provide up to 20M ADSL2+ services. Get direct ADSL access to your colo server, your choice of DNS, a static IP, IPv6, multicast, and optional routed subnet. Prices start from £23 per month. Order now...
Domain Name registration services
We offer UK (, and domains for 10 per 2 year period, gTLD (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info) domains for 15 per year, and have experience in registering domains in other country code TLDs (prices vary). When you register a domain through Bogons, it's yours - we don't impose any restrictions on transfers or usage (though registries' own rules apply, e.g. for .uk you are bound by Nominet's)
.uk and gTLD domains
DNS Hosting
Transfers from other ISPs
No transfer-away costs
From £5.00 per year
Hosted in Telecity
From 1U to whole rack
Secure console access
100GB/month included
Server Rental available
From £50.00 per month
Server Hosting
Colocated in our rackspace in one of the Telecity facilities in London, you can locate your server in the ideal position for connectivity to the Internet. We'll provide you with rackspace, a connection to the Internet, and a secure serial console connection for out-of-band maintenance.

Whilst we are big fans on Sun hardware (you'll see quite a few Sun boxes in our rackspace), we understand that everyone has their personal favourite server vendor. All we ask is that your server is properly rack-mountable, and you're not going to require frequent hands-on access to the server.

If you don't have your own server, we occasionally have servers available to rent (from a low power Sun Netra X1, to a dual-core Intel Xeon, or something even better) to get you started in the dedicated server arena. Prices start from just £50/month for hosting, and £10/month for server rental.

Domain Hosting
Is your internet presence not big enough yet to require your own server? Let us know, and we can put together a package for you on a shared server. We can provide you with DNS, Web, and email services. Pricing typically starts from £10/month.
Hosting on shared server
DNS Hosting
WWW Hosting on Apache
10GB/month included
100MB storage
From £10.00 per month
Internet Consultancy
We have over 20 years experience of the Internet - dating from the start of the Internet in the UK in 1989. If you feel that your clue level isn't quite high enough to do-it-yourself yet, then let us help you out. We can offer you Consultancy to get you and your business working on the Internet in the most cost effective and secure manner. Email us with your requirements for more information!

If you are interested in any of these services (or non price list items) just drop us an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!